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WTO opposes additional U.S. tax on China

by newsupe

The additional $ 250 billion in customs duties the Trump government has imposed on China has been found inappropriate by the World Trade Organization. In the report, which sparked a backlash in Washington, the organization said the additional taxes did not comply with the rules.

There has been a new development in the issue of additional customs duties between the United States and the people’s Republic of China.

The World Trade Organization, the Geneva-based international body, said the tax announced by US President Donald Trump in 2018 was not appropriate.

The $ 250 billion additional customs duty, which sparked trade wars between the world’s two largest economies, had caused controversy.

The WTO’s dispute resolution unit, in a review launched after China’s application, ruled that the additional taxes contradicted international trade rules. The organization advised the United States to “meet its criteria.”

The organization’s decision drew strong reactions from Washington. Robert Lighthizer, the US Trade Representative, said the WTO was “completely incapable of curbing China’s harmful technological initiatives.” “The Trump administration will not give China the right to use American workers through the WTO,” Lighthizer said.

The Beijing Administration said the decision was objective and fair.

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