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Un charges Assad regime with new “war crimes”

by newsupe

The United Nations (UN) international independent Syrian research commission, the civil war in Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces murder civilians in its 9th year, remains actions such as torture and rape, noting that there is reasonable evidence that war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the regime’s reported.

January 11 July-July 1, the commission’s 25-page report on the human rights situation in Syria was announced.

The report underlined that “Syrians continue to be killed every day” and that they are “subjected to grave human rights violations.”

In particular, the report cited examples of attacks by the Assad regime on civilians, noting that regime forces have committed crimes such as torture, rape and murder.

Crimes such as” forced loss, murder, torture, sexual violence and deaths in custody “have now become a” state policy ” of the Assad regime, the report said, stressing that there are reasonable grounds for the regime to commit crimes against humanity.

It also noted that some of these crimes may constitute war crimes.


The report, which also drew attention to the humanitarian drama at the Hol camp held by the terrorist organization YPG/PKK under occupation in the Syrian province of Haseke, said that about 35 thousand children under the age of 12 were deprived of their legal rights and held in “inhumane” conditions.

The commission urged the countries concerned to return their citizens as soon as possible, especially children held in camps with their mothers.

The deepening economic crisis and sanctions in the country, as well as the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), have dampened Syrians ‘ hopes for the future, the report said.

The report highlighted that living conditions in the country were “deplorable” and warned that the situation was getting worse.

It was also noted that civilians in regime-controlled areas were prevented from returning to their homes and deliberately prevented from exercising their property rights and other social and economic rights.

The report highlighted that all warring parties in the country have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Syrian National Army (SMO) may also have been involved in possible war crimes, it said.

“I call on all sides of the conflict to heed the recommendations, especially on achieving a sustainable peace,” Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, head of the International Independent Syria Research Commission, said in a statement on the report. For almost a decade, calls to protect women, men, boys and girls have been ignored. There are no clean hands in this conflict, but the status quo cannot continue like this.”he made his assessment.

The commission’s report was based on interviews with 538 people, satellite images and other evidence.

The report will be presented to the 45th session of the UN Human Rights Council, which is ongoing at the UN Office in Geneva.

In its report on July 7, the commission announced that there was reasonable evidence that the Assad regime had committed war crimes by shooting health institutions and civilian elements in and around Idlib, and that the Russian Air Force had committed war crimes by using cluster bombs and carrying out indiscriminate attacks on civilian elements in Idlib.

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