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Russia to give Belarus $ 1.5 billion in loans

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will give Belarus $ 1.5 billion in state loans.

Putin met in Sochi with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, who made his first foreign visit to Russia after the presidential election in Belarus.

“We are in favor of the Belarusians to resolve this situation through dialogue in a calm manner without any hints from the outside and without pressure being established and to reach a joint decision on future work.” said.

Noting that Lukashenko had proposed amending the Belarusian constitution, Putin said the proposal was “sensible” and “appropriate.”

“This will allow the political system to reach new levels and create conditions for the development of the country.”he commented.

Recalling that Russia and Belarus are members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (KGAÖ) and that there is a state of the union agreement between the two countries, Putin said: “Russia adheres to these agreements. We will fulfill all our obligations in the agreements. the phrase ” used.

“Russia’s share is 50 percent in Belarus’ foreign trade, ” Putin said, referring to bilateral relations in the field of Economics. About 2,500 Russian businesses operate in Belarus.” said.

“We will give Belarus a state loan of $ 1.5 billion at this difficult time.”they will continue to develop cooperation in the military field,” he said.


“Not crossing the line is the most important thing,” Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said, referring to the post-presidential election demonstrations. There is a red line and no one has the right to cross it. No one has crossed that red line for now.”he commented.

“If anyone wants to scratch their hands beyond the borders of Belarus, we will scratch them.”the events in Belarus should be a lesson for all the countries of the former Soviet Union,” Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko expressed his desire to maintain close relations with Russia in all areas, including the economy.

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