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Rejection of proposal to close separatist parties in Spain

by newsupe

A proposal by Spain’s far-right Vox party to declare separatist political parties in the country illegal has not been adopted in Parliament.

Made changes in the law on political parties, “political parties be declared illegal that threaten the unity of Spain” Vox party lawmakers proposed a law that contains only “Yes” vote, while using Parliamentary right-wing people’s party (PP) and the right-wing liberal Citizens (C) the parties did not support.

In a vote attended by 135 lawmakers in parliament, the proposed law in question was not adopted with 37 “abstentions” and 20 “yes” votes against 78 “no” votes.


In Spain, the Union for Catalonia (Junts), the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), the candidacy of the people’s Union (CUP) and Eh Bildu in Basque have representatives in the Spanish Parliament and Senate.

Vox, which describes its purpose as “protecting Spain from regional nationalists,” said the proposal, “we do not want to declare ideas illegal, but to protect the freedom gap in the Spanish Constitution. Neither the ETA terrorism protected from Batasuna and Bildu, nor the coup in Catalonia (the illegal referendum on 1 October 2017), nor the Ibarretxe plan (an initiative that envisioned a new status for the Basque region and was rejected in the Spanish parliament in 2005) have a place within our constitutional roof.”he defended.

Political parties opposed to the proposal, saying “only hatred is instilled”, accused Vox of “engaging in dangerous nationalism in Spain, trying to bring back the regime of dictator Franco”.

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