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Demonstration for asylum seekers at Moria camp in Denmark

by newsupe

Although many countries in Europe will accept irregular migrants in the burning asylum-seeker camp Moria, there have been protests over Denmark’s failure to take a step in that direction.

At a demonstration in the capital Copenhagen, unaccompanied children were asked to be brought into the country, among irregular migrants who had no place to shelter after a fire last week at the Moria asylum camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, which is notorious for its poor living conditions.

Amnesty International (Amnesty International), Team Humanity and the youth branches of the Danish Refugee charity (Dansk Flygtningehjælp Ungdom), led by the non-governmental organization Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, called for Denmark to bring unaccompanied children from the Moria asylum camp to the country, as well as other European countries.

Thousands of people attended the demonstration, which was organized with attention to social distance and wearing masks, paid tribute to the migrants in Moria. Demonstrators chanted ” evacuation to children in Moria! Right now!”and “AB shame!”he carried written currencies.

Denmark should take responsibility for unaccompanied children in the Moria asylum camp, Tim Whyte, Secretary General of Inter-National Assistance, told the AA after a demonstration in the Square in front of Christiansborg Palace, which also includes the parliament building.

“We need to share responsibility for this across Europe,” said Whyte, who said that Moria, where refugees seeking asylum from Europe are gathered, has almost become a living prison. We have all seen together that only Greece cannot bear this responsibility.” said.

Whyte, 3 thousand people built with a capacity of 13 thousand people when the camp fire occurred, recalling that” so far in Europe 14 countries in the Moria asylum camp can accept families and process asylum claims that have legal rights. It is very important that Denmark takes responsibility by joining these countries., “he said.

Underlining the readiness of local politicians and many families in Denmark to accept unaccompanied children in Moria, Whyte said Parliament must approve for unaccompanied children to be accepted.

In Moria camp, thousands of people were left homeless as a result of a fire at different points in the morning on September 9.

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