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Claim that the free Covid-19 vaccine campaign will start in the United States by the end of the year

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In the United States, the federal government is preparing a comprehensive plan to make the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine available free to all Americans.

A report submitted to Congress noted that federal health agencies and the Department of Defense in the United States have prepared a detailed plan for the vaccine campaign, which will begin at the end of the year, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

In terms of scope and complexity, the campaign will be much broader than vaccines related to seasonal flu or previous outbreaks, with priority given to key professionals and vulnerable groups, especially health workers, in vaccine implementation, the report said.

Information was shared that various vaccines that will be produced by many companies will be distributed free of charge and that the vaccine of the same company will be given to people in 2 doses 21 to 28 days apart.

In this context, the report asked state and local governments to prepare and submit distribution plans within 1 month, while the 2nd and 3rd stages of the vaccination campaign will cover the entire country.


The initiative supported by the White House stated that the vaccine campaign, which will be carried out under the roof of “Operation Warp speed”, is the most detailed of the plans discussed so far, while the news stated that the campaign was still met with suspicion in public.

Citing comments that the government is trying to rush the Kovid-19 vaccine for political purposes ahead of the November 4th presidential election, The News emphasized that 20 percent of Americans who do not trust the government do not want to get the vaccine, and 31 percent are undecided, citing an AP poll conducted in May.

“Americans should know that the vaccine development process is entirely driven by science and data,” said Alex Azar, the U.S. Health Secretary, in a statement on public doubts, noting that Americans are working to get access to the vaccine as soon as possible and safely. the phrase ” used.

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