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Assad Regime Hides Covid-19 Cases and Deaths

by newsupe

A UK-based health research organisation claimed 98.75 per cent of cases of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) in the Syrian capital Damascus were unaccounted for.

The Global Infectious Diseases Analysis Centre, affiliated with Imperial College London, Britain’s leading educational body, has published a new study into Covid-19 cases in Damascus, which is under the control of the Assad regime.

According to the study, the Assad regime officially accounts for only 1.25 percent of cases of the new type of corona virus in the capital Damascus. According to this, the Assad regime considers only 1 out of 80 cases.

The study said there may have been 4,340 deaths due to Covid-19 in Damascus since the beginning of September.

The report also noted that cases and deaths related to the new type of corona virus in areas outside the capital may be much higher than the announced figures.

The study in question, doctors and hospital staff in Damascus who didn’t want to be named share reports, between the months of July and August, increased the share of deaths of people in the region and the hospital documents during the period of the deceased was made based on the statistics of epidemic it is stated that the occupancy rates.

The Assad regime has put the total number of cases in the areas it has controlled since the beginning of the outbreak at 3,614 and the total number of deaths at 160.

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