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Anti-Netanyahu demonstration in Israel

by newsupe

Thousands of people in Israel have demonstrated against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the grounds that he failed to manage the corruption case against him and the outbreak of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19).

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Israel, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

Thousands attended the demonstration organized by the group known as the” Black Flag movement.”

Police, who have taken extensive security measures in the area, closed the roads to traffic leading to the area where the demonstration will take place. Demonstrators reacted to the government’s plan to impose quarantines across the country due to the growing number of Covid-19 cases.

Demonstrators carrying banners reading ” crime prime minister “often chanted” Bibi (Netanyahu) go home.”

Anti-Netanyahu demonstrations have been going on for more than 3 months in Israel, which has been hit by the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic and unemployment has exceeded 20 percent.

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